Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) – 28mm Released

I’m releasing the 28mm Light Armored Vehicle kit today on the following resellers:

DriveThruRPG / Wargames Vault

This vehicle was designed over three months on my Patreon, with feedback and suggestions from Patreons on our Discord server as well. It comes with a ton of options including:

– Three options for turret and crew compartment armor.
– Multiple hatch options, including a driver, commander, and loader hatch that can be positioned open or closed.
– Two bow weapons, and five main guns for the turret.
– Movable turret and gun that elevates up to 25 degrees.
– Details like a turret-mounted machine gun, spotlight, and TOW/ATGM launcher tube.
– Storage compartments and resin tools that can be glued to the vehicle sides.

The LAV has already been expanded on too by the Patreon, with parts that will eventually make it into a released upgrade kit as well.

Tabletop Patreon LAV Completed

Phew, I’ve been focused on the Patreon, so have neglected this blog a little bit. The September, October and November Patreon releases now combine into a finished 28mm scale, LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) that’s inspired by the real LAV II/III and Stryker vehicles.

This vehicle was a pleasure to design and is likely to become a future platform for a lot more options, like alternate turrets, and alternate decks. For the January 2021 Patreon release I’m already working on an open deck for the LAV.

It’s still available on the Patreon for December, but will be removed January 2021 as I’ll be releasing it as a full kit on CGTrader, Cults3d and DriveThruRPG.

Tabletop Terrain Patreon Eight Wheel Chassis

Last month our first release was available to our Patreons, the Eight Wheel chassis which works with both the ARV and our various Truck kits.

I’m working up the next release for October which is a LAV (light armored vehicle) inspired cabin. Combined with the Eight Wheel chassis, this cabin is the second part of a full LAV I plan to release in the future – hopefully before the close of 2020. The LAV parts will also work with the ARV and Truck kits as usual.

Tabletop Terrain Patreon for 28mm Vehicles

I’m kicking off a Patreon page that gives you early access to the STL files for parts I’m designing, months before they appear in the full kits I sell online. I’m keeping things simple with a single tier that gives you a new chassis, cabin or deck each month. The first release comes September 4th with an eight-wheeled chassis for the ARV armored hull and trucks. Check it out here:

Armored Recovery Vehicle Kit

I’m proud to announce the Armored Recovery Vehicle is out of the garage now, and available on DriveThruRPG as usual.

This vehicle was fun to design and build, and includes parts that mean it can be used to tow any of our trucks on their bumper-mounted tow points. It also includes several moving parts like the armored windows, and a swing crane arm that can raise and extend.

The armored hull is also likely to feature on several more products on the way as well. I’d like to create a sci-fi APC for example, and maybe some more exotic vehicles like mine-flails, bridgelayers and ‘bobbin’ track layers. Pretty much a sci-fi set of Hobart’s “Funnies”.

Two Lockdown Expansion Kits

It’s been a while since I updated this blog – I tend to post more progress on Facebook and Instagram these days – does anybody still read blogs? Anyway while New Zealand is out of Lockdown now, I did manage to produce two truck Expansion Kits while I was trapped working from home with my 3D printers.

The Extra Truck Bodies kit includes a set of four new truck bodies that can be combined with any of our existing trucks, like the Outpost Utility, Halftrack Recovery, Prospector Rover, Garbage Truck or Military Truck.

The Extra Truck Chassis kit includes three new chassis options, and a trailer that can also be combined with any of our truck kits. One of the chassis included is based on the German Army’s WW2 Raupenschlepper Ost, which was fun to create.

Titan Terrain Factorum Painted

I’ve finally finished another Titan Terrain NZ building. This is their excellent free-standing ‘Factorum’ kit.

I haven’t reviewed this particular building, but the kit contents are fairly similar to another Titan Terrain building I built last year.

The building was assembled, and then the MDF was primed with a generic white spray can from a hardware store. It was painted with household acrylics and student’s ‘water-based oils’ from the local stationary warehouse.

It’s guarded by DAK future soldiers because I still haven’t got around to painting the appropriate figures from my Sci Fi collection! Curse my slackness, as I have some lovely metals from Crooked Dice’s Colony 87 set that would work perfectly here too.

DriveThruRPG Aussie Brushfire Relief Charity Bundles

I’m proud to announce our 3D printable Outpost Utility kit is available as part of the DriveThruRPG ‘AU Brushfire Relief Charity Bundles.

Every single penny of sales from these bundles goes to two Aussie Charities:

Disaster Relief and Recovery – Australia Red Cross
Bushfire Emergency – World Wildlife Fund of Australia

Check the bundles out here!

Review: Crooked Dice Cyberpunk Hover Car

Crooked Dice were kind enough to send me copies of the resin Hover Car they’re selling based on my design. They’re available on the Crooked Dice site here, and here for 16GBP each. Here’s a quick review of the sample vehicles I received and photographed.

First I have to say these are lovely resin casts. They’re clean, have minimal flashing that’s easy to trim or file away and go together well. The parts are also very crisp, and capture all of the detail from the original 3D designs. Some minor changes have been made to improve the ease of casting – they are very subtle though and I only noticed them because I was comparing them to 3D prints of the original files.

Each car consists of 7 separate parts. Three of them are new ‘jet exhaust’ pieces that Crooked Dice created for the vehicles. They fit into the underbody and the front vents and give the vehicle a solid base as well as a lovely flying look on the table. The remaining parts are the main body, a separate front bumper and the jet nozzles that sit in the front wheel wells. The bumper is separate because that’s the pour point for the resin I believe.

I’m impressed at how successfully Crooked Dice converted a set of 3D .STL files into a physical model, particularly since I was not considering casting when designing the original files. It’s a testament to the skill of their design and casting folks, particularly when you see they managed to capture all the detail, including the (possibly excessive) underbody with no casting issues!

I’m a little biased of course, but I would definitely recommend these resin vehicles if you need some sci-fi vehicles. I also have to say the Crooked Dice folks are a pleasure to deal with generally too, and their customer support is excellent.