Chaos Rhinos

Marnie in Aussie sends me a couple of Chaos Rhinos! Damn these new style Rhinos are great! I suggest a box of Chaos Termies and 7 new Raptors for all my Termies + 2 Librarians. Thinking of Nurgle Rhino with a fair amount of green stuff involved. Nice pus dripping from roof interior and Nurgling Infestation (sorry ‘mutant armor’ in the new Codex). Thinking of trying to sculpt a couple of crucified Nurglings (sad and angry) and rtv/resin casting them. I should be able to do them as a one sided mold with some undercutting. Depends on how many flat areas I can find on the Rhino to ‘nail’ them to. Need to grab a base or two of these guys for scale (and for character infestations). Also thinking of covering the Rhino with blister sores and painting them red/yellow inflamed…like some really nasty rash. Should be easy to do with green stuff.

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