Chaos Rhinos

Foolishly started messing with the Rhino kits when I should have been painting Orcs. Did finish the Orc Shaman though, bar one bit of patching on his right wrist where there’s about a 3mm gap to his arm. Thinking of just extending his collection of bangles down that arm. Might be tricky to do now he’s fully painted. The new style Rhinos rock! The kits go together ridiculously easily and the interior detailing is lovely. Chaos options are nice too. I’m thinking of turning the interior of the first Rhino into a massive gullet. Make the rear deck a big open mouth with gs details. I’ve cut open side hatch open and will make that an open mouth (so you can see the interior), cut the other away and make that a closed toothy mouth. Fill the interior to rippling veins and canker sores etc. Some tricky blending between red interior and camo green exterior possibly. Must finish my Orc MH warband first though!

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