Crikey, been a while since I’ve updated this diary. Mainly because my trusty PalmPilot has died and I haven’t got around to recharging the NiCads (it’s a Palm III). Anyway, did a fair amount of modelling over the Xmas break. Cast numerous barrels and built a nice simple four barrel terrain piece for Mordheim. Also used a couple of barrels and casts of Tamiya ammo boxes to provide cover in the complete ruined barn for MH. Mixing partially tiled floor (cereal box offcuts) with gravel gave a nice partially tiled / ruined feeling. Also used a cut up WFB Death Knight skeleton horse for a carcass. Painting Orcs too…getting there slowly but surely. Painted numerous Orc arms and several more Orcish heroes. I have two Orcs left (a Hero and a Henchman) as well as numerous arms to complete before I have a fully painted 500 crown starting warband. I got briefly side-tracked after playing Griff’s Tau with my Imperial Guard army for 40k. Decided to bite the bullet and purchase a couple of Sentinel models, which leaves me with two Sentinels, two Catachans and a Basilisk to complete for the IG. Looks like I’m going to have to focus on vehicles for a wee while. The entire Chaos army is also still beckoning to me from the garage. I successfully tried my first GS texture stamp in the holidays, lifting a nice ‘fly’ badge from the Nurgle Champion and using it to stamp the badge on the shoulder pads of his entire Plague Marine retinue. Should tie him to the retinue nicely. Must add more ‘Nurgly’ detailing to these shoulder pads though.

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