Made mold of 1 1/2″ floor tile for castle wall. RTV went off very quickly but used the last of mine. Cast another barrel half as well. Glued stairs down to wall. Started basing tower. Parapet is a bit weak though. If floor tile casts ok I should probably mold another. Painted a touch of the first Hirst Arts experimental building. Foundations are completely finished and ready for varnishing. Painted some ‘bloody signs’ on the door. Got to finish the upper stories with a bit of painting and that will be another MH building ready for play. Picked up a massive sheet of 3mm MDF from ITM in Onehunga. Cost me a paltry $15 for as much MDF as I can stand. Certainly enough MDF to base all the Mordheim terrain I’ll ever build! My only concern is storing it so it doesn’t warp. Might have to cut the existing sheets in half and store them flat.

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