First Resin Cast

Resin cast my first small piece using a two part RTV mold. That resin is odd stuff, pours like water but sets hard and is very light. Demolding time is about 15 minutes as advertised by the MDS, but I’d probably leave it for 30 minutes as while the resin retains details it’s still very flexible and linear pieces can bend easily coming out. Didn’t use any release agent for the RTV mold and that wasn’t a problem. Lots of small bubbles (nothing that can’t be patched before painting) and flash lines (surprise) but this was from a static poured mold. Might try attaching to a bicycle wheel, pouring and spinning the wheel up for a couple of minutes to see if that reduces small bubbling issues. First Sentinel is 90% complete, just need to grit the base and possibly paint the small crater a bit then it’s done! Two more to go after that. Imperial Guard looking good though. Start working at Snappermail, pretty good so far!

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