Mordheim Posters

PVAd some Earl Grey tea soaked photocopy reduced ‘back of Town Cryer’ posters to walls and fences around my Mordheim scenery. Worked quite well and add a bit of character. The tea soaking is to ‘age’ the photocopied posters…that also worked quite well. Possibly could soak them for quite a bit longer to get a real brown sepia tone to them. Placed the Undead aside momentarily and will focus on getting those last Orcs and Goblins sorted out for the next Campaign. Also started re-painting Ben’s building – it’s really just the floors / window frames that need to be painted. Applied a bit of red wash to the very pink walls to try de-pinking them a bit, so they’re more of a terracotta colour now. Must finish cut-n-paste Mordheim campaign map tonight.

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