Mold Failed

First mold for the heads was a failure. Vertical molding of detailed surfaces is just a recipe for trapping air bubbles in the mold. Rebuilt two 2-part molds for an old IG body and the two heads. Interestingly enough the ‘1.5’ side molds for arms worked out fairly well. Three of the four arms are castable with some application of a toothpick while resin pouring to get bubbles out. Hope to get a few casts out this weekend and start building some updated heavy weapons teams (prone guardsmen on large round bases). Might grab a Cadian Heavy Weapons box and mix and match that or just scavenge a few Chaos Heavy Bolters.

Made my first trade on TradeMe. Grabbed a couple of old style Cadian Liets for half price from Phil – the guy that used to work at GW in town. Small world eh?

It also occurred to me that I could sculpt the Tau sitting statue from Klean Klay. The only problem is I don’t know how much detail I could get from the klay and it wouldn’t be robust during sculpting and I’d destroy the master after the molding process. I really should make some progress on this sculpt but have something of a artistic block at the moment…

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