Two Part Mold

Re-molded two old IG heads and one body over the weekend and two part molds. Heads cast fine but the body is a difficult to cast without introducing large bubbles in the legs or chest cavity. Currently I’m pouring both halves and slapping them together which is possibly the problem! The mold is too difficult to cast with a simple pour. Possibly I need to investigate in injection molding with some cheap plastic syringes.

40k Elites are queueing up to be painted…currently I have a couple of Psykers, a couple of old ‘Gestapo’ style Commissars, a couple of Priests and a Enginseer and his two Tech servitors to paint up. Oh and *still* have to finish the Basilisk.

Getting twitchy for creating Mordheim terrain again – *must* finish that Coach House as well.

TradeMe auctions going so-so. Catachans failed to reach reserve but I managed to trade off the old Metal Sentinel and a squad of Terminators which will cover the cost of a Cadian Hvy Weapon team. Ah well I’ll keep the Catachans for now eh? Can always field them as ‘Hardened Veterans’ I guess.

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