Dropped the Basilisk

Finally finished the Basilisk and proceeded to drop it on the concrete garage floor while prepping it for spray varnish. !@#$% some extra ‘battle damage’ but nothing that I judged needed repairing so just glued everything back together again and then varnished it. Next on the painting queue is those two lurking Sentinels and sundry Imperial Guard metals – although I have started assembling experimental heavy weapons Cadians… naughty!

Played a ‘quick’ 40k in 40 mins game against Griff Sunday. Although with Griff it’s more like 40k in 40 mins (for setup) followed by another 40 mins for the actual game. Still he’s always interesting to play and I really should focus more on my initial setup because it’s so damned important in 40k. At any rate I managed to match up my Ogryns on the left with one squad of Kroot and totally punt them in HTH. The other squad of Kroot broke after experiencing a Guardsman wielding a Flamer – he only crisped a few Krooties but Griff rolled some appalling LD checks (12, 11, 10 I think) and they fled the table :). That was enough to force Griff to start taking LD checks (according 40k40m rules) and his Tau force bolted. Funny because I thought I was dead as my only vehicle (Sentinel) was cooked in the first turn. Ogryns saved the day! Under the new Codex they’re definitely gruntier.

Almost forgot to mention what a stirling job Griff and Em have made of their ‘Jungle’ themed table. Lovely palm trees I must say! Just needs a few more finishing touches and the table will rock. Reminds me I must make some progress on that ‘sitting Tau’ statue I keep talking to them about.

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