Sanctioned Psyker

Finally finished the Sanctioned Psyker for 40k Imperial Guard. He’s got kind of a transitional paint job between the old ‘douse everything in chestnut ink’ style and the newer ‘paint over bits of the ink’ style I’ve been experimenting with. So-so paint job but it’ll do. Think the Basilisk tankers look nicer myself.

Cleaned up and based a couple of Cadian assault troopers (Melta and Plasma gun) and grabbed a few Cadian officers as squad leaders. Hopefully that gives me enough spare plastic troopers from the boxed set to put together a command squad as well. Hmmm, time for some maths:

20 plastic Cadians in a boxed set.
2 metal Assault troops.
2 metal Squad leaders.

I’ve turned 2 standing Cadians into Heavy Weapons troopers (ML and Autocannon).

That gives me 4 spare plastic standing Cadians.

6 plastic Cadians in a Heavy Weapon set (squatting).
I’ve used one for a Heavy Bolter. Might make another HB, leaving me 4 squatting Cadians.

That means I’ve got 4 standing Cadians and 4 squatting Cadians. More than enough for a 4 member command squad with one of the old metal Cadians lieuts I picked up from TradeMe. Excellent.

As I’ve already got enough Lascannon in my old IG squads, I’m considering converting the Heavy Weapons Lascannon so they can be attached to the 3 Sentinels I have. Haven’t had a good look yet at how feasible that would be…but sounds like a damned good idea. Especially since you can’t seem to pick up the 3 Catachan Sentinels boxed set anymore…and a since the price hike a plastic Sentinel is $40! Which is something of a rip off considering the two flimsy sprues involved.

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