Mixing Hydrostone

Picked up a 22kg sack of Hydrostone from Petra Ceramics in the weekend, cost $59 and will last for a good while I think. Tried a few castings in the weekend, haven’t quite got the mix ratio right – too much water and the Hydrostone settles very quickly – leaving me with water in the top of the molds. I think more mixing and individual mold pouring will solve that. Still the pieces I have cast are pretty damned hard (yup feels like stone) which is good. Gets a little warmer than POP when going off, but nothing too scary considering the terrible warnings about burning flesh and death on the outside of the sack (not recommended you use it to cast body parts apparently).

Sentinels creeping along…although I’m getting a bit bored with them…might swap back to figure painting or Mordheim terrain briefly soon…still have that Coach House malingering on my garage workbench.

Looking forward to busting out some extra IG units and kicking Griff’s Tau around some more…

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