Canola Cooking Spray

My wife picked me up some Canola Cooking Spray last night when she went to Pak’n’Save, so I prepped the ‘Gothic Graveyard‘ and mixed some resin for pouring. My resin has definitely aged – which I guess isn’t a surprise since it had expired when I purchased it from ModelAir. Normally this stuff is supposed to have a 10-15 min pouring time. However once I’d mixed the pot it started to get warm (not a good sign!) so I splashed it over the mold and slapped the CD cover down. I could see some trapped air bubbles but kept my fingers crossed. 10 minutes later it had hardened enough to get the cast out – which I guess is an advantage to using air-exposed resin. All of the wrought iron pieces cast well enough to be used as masters for a custom copy which I intend to make. Resin casting attacks and will eventually destroy the RTV which is not good considering I’m paying around $55NZ for each mold. Hmmm I need some more RTV and a fresh batch of resin – that’s about $90 worth of materials. The rest of the Graveyard mold casts nicely with Hydrostone which gives me some very classy grave stones and other pieces. I’ve put the Bell Tower mold away for now, will have a look once I’ve made some progress on the modular tiles. Still casting a round of molds at least once a night and have about half a bucket of Hydrostone left.

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