Resin Casting Fence

Resin cast a bunch of ‘wrought iron’ parts from my copy mold last night. Turns out a small capful of resin is sufficient to fill the mold. This means I can churn out a considerable number of casts before I’m out of resin. Also found that the cooking spray I’m using as mold release is too thick just sprayed from the can so I’ve taken to spray and then brushing to smooth it out. Haven’t been mold releasing the actual mold just the CD cover I smooth over the top. The mold has suffered some minor damage due to bubbles weakening certain points but nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of filing or cutting of the casts. Another evening of casting will probably net me enough fencing sections for quite a bit of window grill and doorway work. Must make some progress on the Coach House! I seem to have a mental block regarding detailing the base… perhaps I should just drop the ‘wheel ruts’ idea and do a simple gravel with detail base like usual. Then at least I could glue the ground and first floors together.

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