Planning Mordheim Church

Still casting at least a set of molds a day. I’ve stopped casting the gothic church mold for now because well, I figured out in the long weekend I actually have enough pieces cast to build an entire gothic church! Casting a few mold a day for a couple of weeks can add up. So I’m now planning to build a ruined gothic church combined with the gothic bell-tower. So I’ve swapped out the church mold for the belltower mold which I have to cast about 10 more times I believe. Ruining the building is going to be interesting. It’s definitely not going to have a roof because I’ve got no suitable roof molds yet. So exposed wooden beam-work. Maybe the side of the bell-tower that overlooks the church should be ruined…that way you could get some interesting fire down into the church itself. Possibly ruin one long wall as well to save a few bricks. I also have enough casts to build a bridge span and possibly a sunken river piece. So now it’s full speed ahead to finish the Coach House before moving onto any new Mordheim terrain. Griff and Em are back in town as well…now to pester Em for some cut MDF tiles…:)

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