Thanks Emily!

Superb! No less than 2 days after I gave Griff a couple of sheets of 3mm MDF Emily has sliced and diced them up into 1′ squares using the framing machine at her place of work! Fantastic! So now I have 16 1′ MDF tiles sitting in my garage. There’s a long weekend coming up but alas I’ll probably be working the Friday because of looming project deadlines. No matter, hopefully by the end of Feb I can have 4 tiles put together and painted. I confess I’m a little concerned about warping the tiles after gluing a lot of heavy plaster down onto them. I think the solution to that is priming the MDF before using it. On a bit of an IG Cadian painting spree at the moment for some reason. Really enjoying painting up a new Command Section for the IG.

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