Assembling too much Fun

Finished two Lasgun Cadians and a Junior officer over the weekend. Inked meltagun, plasmagun and missile launcher Cadians. Almost got a command squad together but must patch and paint up a Flamer Cadian first. Almost at the stage where I need to assemble another handful of Cadians to paint. Figured mixing painting and assembling is the best way to complete projects as I enjoy assembling so much. Primed another three 1′ MDF tiles for Mordheim and did a few casting runs. Cut and primed a base for a Mordheim ruined gothic church with belltower. Assembled most of the church’s foundations. Want to do a big lump of Wydrstone that’s crashed through one wall and embedded in the floor. Might do some light wax carving and try a resin cast with a temporary Klean Klay ‘press’ mold.

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