Warhammer Fantasy

Mr Griff has snapped and has purchased the Warhammer Fantasy rulebook. I suspect the Games Workshop marketing juggernaut got to him with the new Brettonians release. Still no matter! I have discovered that between figures purchased for my Mordheim Undead warband, Zombie sprues purchased for 40k Chaos conversion and Skeleton warrior sprues purchased for general err… skeletons, that I already have 80% of a Vampire Counts ‘Border Patrol’ force just laying around in my garage. So yesterday I assembled the front rank of a Skeleton Warrior core unit, including Musician and Standard bearer naturally and primed six Ghouls and a Banshee. All that remains is the purchase of two Dire Wolves blisters and quite a lot of assembling and painting. Also some desultory progress on Hirst Arts gothic church. Finally varnished that Cadian junior officer I painted a while back and finished the command squad missile launcher Cadian. Just a vox caster left to paint and the new command squad will be finished. Hmmm, wonder what I should do with the old command squad? Strip and repaint? Stick ’em on TradeMe?

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