Pact with the Griff

In an effort to stimulate painting and avoid the random purchasing of extra figures that both Griff and myself are prone to we’ve formed a pact. Neither of us is free to purchase any new figures until we’ve painted our 500 point WHFB Border Patrol force to a suitable level. This pact doesn’t cover rulebooks or magazines – just figures and in Griff’s case it also doesn’t include figures purchased for his lady friend Emily. I also mentioned to Griff that the first man to crack (if he does crack) should purchase an equal dollar value of figures for the other man as punishment. Although I’m not sure how keen on that idea he was considering $85 Brettonian Grail Knights are due to be released this month. Right, time to invest some serious painting effort into the Vampire Counts! Oh and why yes I am a modelling geek. Do you have a problem with that?

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