Primed Mordheim Tiles

Made some progress in the weekend. Primed and started drybrushing the two Mordheim tiles I’ve assembled – hmmm, so I’m currently on track to do one a month as I originally posted. Assembled some more of the Mordheim gothic church, in particular built about half of the gothic belltower and discovered I need to do a few more casts on that mold:
Made some minor progress on the Vampire Counts border patrol force as well. Finished and varnished the Banshee and Necromancer. Assembled and patched two more Fell Bats. Griff and I swapped Army books so I’ve had a good read of the Brettonian rules. Decisions decisions. As nice as a Necromancer would be to have in the force he’s a pretty weak general. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe a scary Vampire Thrall would make a better general for border patrol. However I suspect Griff’s Brettonians are going to be light on magic (because he likes Knights on horsies and pegassi) so that a wizard would be a definite advantage. Curse this one hero limit! Also unsure if a Banshee is the best option…maybe Fell Bats would be more useful. Ah well, I’ve got the figures anyway so might mix and match them and see if I can’t spring a surprise on Griff when we actually get around to gaming. Notice with some trepidation that the Brettonia Army book seems to contain lots of images of Knights killing Zombies and the like. Grave Guard would be great against the Bretts but Griff and I did make a pact!

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