Zombie Regiment Box

+2 Skeletons, +1 Ghoul. VC border patrol is 29% complete. Also finished the Cadian vox caster which completes my new IG HQ squad. Resisting the urge to assemble more Cadians. Discovered I have enough assembled and painted Catachans to make up the Hardened Veterans squad, but will probably want to re-paint them at some stage. Picked up $127 worth of Undead figures (Regiment box of Zombies and 12 metal Ghouls) from TradeMe for $57. The Zombie Regiment box must have been older because it included a movement tray. Nice! When did Games Workshop stop adding these to the boxed sets? That does however mean I’ve broken the pact Griff and I have. Damn. I figure I’ll get him a Grail Knight or something once they’re released!

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