Mordheim Coach House

+4 Skeletons. VC Border Patrol is 53% complete! Just past the halfway point! Only 1 Skeleton, Std Bearer and Champion to finish for this unit. May have to assemble a few ‘raising’ Skeleton bases but I’m a bit short of Skeleton parts.
Possibly unsurprisingly I’ve also made some progress on Mordheim terrain. The Coach House now has two stories of foam card and balsa wood above the plaster base. Each level is currently separate so I can paint them up and then glue them together. Lots of balsa wood detailing and half-timbering to go though.
I’m particularly happy with the supporting beams for the first second floor which is visible in the second photo. I’ve also experimented with making ‘boards’ in the wooden floor by pushing nail holes in the appropriate places. Hopefully these details can still be seen after the paint has been applied.

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