Painting Ghouls

+1 Ghoul. VC Border Patrol is 71% complete. Another Ghouls is almost complete and two more are queued up for the next coat. Discovered that highlighting with a Teracotta/Pallid Flesh/Bleached Bone mix makes a much nicer final paint job so will go with that for now on. Detailed another movement tray for the VC as well, but need some more black spray primer. Put together another Mordheim 1′ floor tile and did a fair amount of casting over this long weekend (for me anyway). My baby boy helped in the garage a couple of times as well while sitting in his exer-saucer. ‘Help’ meaning bouncing up and down like a maniac while eating water crackers. Almost out of Hydrostone but I figure I might as well use it up because it’s been a bit exposed to moisture in the garage as our clothes drier is in there as well. Some light detailing on Mordheim Coach House. Second floor is almost ready to be base painted.

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