General Freyburg

+2 Zombies. VC Border Patrol is 86% complete. Only SIX figures to go! I can probably get another two Zombies finished before Sunday night which will take me over 90%. Also wandered down to Historic Games last night (I love autumn weather for a good walk) and picked up British 8th Army HQ, 8th Army Rifle Platoon and 6pdr Portee blisters. Thinking of putting together a FOW force based on a NZ Rifle Company with some armored support from NZ Divisional Cavalry. The Battlefront 15mm figures are quite nicely detailed considering the scale. Some of the individual figures have a lot of flash but with careful filing back they should look good. Reading a bit of light NZ military history about Freyberg and 2NZEF in the Middle East at the moment. Very interesting stuff. I didn’t realise NZ troops were so highly regarded..both by their allies and their opponents.

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