Border Patrol

Played a couple of quick games of Border Patrol with Griff last night. The VC aren’t completely painted but they’re bloody close and looked pretty nice on the table imho. I won the first game by capitulation after scaring off the Knights and Griff won the second by annihilation after he killed the Necromancer in melee. Rules shennanigans weren’t too bad although I must remember that the Undead can’t March unless the General is nearby. The ‘Turn Summary Appendix’ at the back of the WHFB rule book references the appropriate page numbers in the main rules which makes it very easy to play from just the appendix. I wish the 40k rules did something similar.

Things I learned:

1) The Necromancer does NOT want to be attached to units. He’s much harder to catch on his own. Plus the Challenges system really disadvantages weak characters.

2) Remains in play spells are mutually exclusive from normal spells. An important point for Wizards!

3) Skeletons win by numerical superiority. Grave Guard win by being tough bastards although Knights are tougher! Skeletons were good against Knights, Grave Guard were good against everybody else.

4) Visibility is a big factor. Skirmishers and Flyers are good because of their 360 degree visibility.

This weekend I also picked up a copy of ‘Kiwi Armour No. 3. 2nd NZ Divisional Cavalry in the Mediterranean’ from Historic Games as they had some in store. Saves me from ordering it from the publisher. Started painting some of the HQ and Rifle company FOW bases. Bad! Must finish the Grave Guard first dammit! Also painted the entrance hallway with two coats of ceiling paint. Looks vastly better. Bit more patching and sanding to do and it’s onto the walls.

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