FOW Army List

The Grave Guard musician is creeping towards completion. He just needs to be based and varnished. I seem to have really slowed down on painting these guys for some reason. Hope to have the Champion painted by this weekend as well. Then it’s the Standard Bearer and I’ll have a front rank!

After reading from various sources I’ve finally figured out a reasonable colour scheme for my FOW North African New Zealand Rifle Company. Khaki helmet and uniform, faded white webbing (apparently the NZers were ordered to regularly scrub their webbing to keep it clean), brown boots (meant to be polished black of course but in the desert boots were invariably dusty and scuffed). The only question left is socks as their uniform left a lot of sock exposed above the boot. Think I’ll just do a slightly greenish khaki for them. It’s a real bugger that all the archival photographs and black and white! In the desert NZers had access to Stuart ‘Honey’ light tanks (up to 15 of them at one point) as well as quite a few Universal Carriers so that fits in nicely. There’s also some photographic evidence they had Mk II Humber armored cars at one point so I’ll chuck in a few of them to bolster a Universal Carrier Recce unit I think. So my 1500pts FOW force will be


1 18th Battalion Company HQ (Company HQ) @ 40 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [40] Pts
1 1st Rifle Platoon (Rifle Platoon) @ 180 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [60] Pts
3 Rifle Squad @ [120] Pts
1 2nd Rifle Platoon (Rifle Platoon) @ 180 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [60] Pts
3 Rifle Squad @ [120] Pts
1 3rd Rifle Platoon (Rifle Platoon) @ 180 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [60] Pts
3 Rifle Squad @ [120] Pts


1 Carrier Platoon @ 145 Pts
5 Recon Carrier @ [145] Pts
1 Armoured Car Platoon @ 70 Pts
2 Humber Mk I, II or III @ [70] Pts


1 Anti-tank Platoon @ 150 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [30] Pts
1 Universal Carrier @ [10] Pts
3 6-pdr Portee @ [120] Pts
1 Towed Anti-tank Platoon @ 160 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [30] Pts
1 Universal Carrier @ [10] Pts
2 17/25-pdr @ [130] Pts
2 Quad Gun Tractor @ [10] Pts

Artillery Support:

1 4ht NZA 1st Battery (Towed Artillery Battery) @ 275 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [35] Pts
2 15cwt Truck @ [10] Pts
1 Observer Team @ [20] Pts
1 White Scout Car @ [10] Pts
4 25-pdr @ [220] Pts
4 Quad and Limber @ [20] Pts

Armored Support:

1 NZ Div Cav (Armoured Platoon) @ 120 Pts
3 Honey @ [120] Pts

It’s a pretty ‘light’ company but is fairly historically accurate and has a fairly good anti-tank component hopefully. There’s no real anti-aircraft nor air support but again that’s historically accurate. I’m really looking forward to busting out the green stuff and sculpting all kinds of stowage on those Universal Carriers as well. In terms of painting I’ve almost got a two man Boyes team (from a Rifle platoon) painted and ready to experiment with basing.

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