92% Complete

+1 Grave Guard. VC Border Patrol is 92% complete. That leaves me with four figures to complete! Well, in addition there’s a few ‘raised’ bases I’ve put together with headstones etc. Keen for another game but Griff is being slippery. Keeps muttering something about wanting to paint the Brettonians some more.


Picked up a Stuart ‘Honey’ tank and a blister of two Universal Carriers for FOW during the weekend. Assembled them both last night. Pieces fitted together reasonably well although some green stuff patching will be required. Also will try lifting some stowage details from the ‘Honey’ and apply it to the Universal Carriers via a press mold. Washed and primed the 6pdr Portee so it’s ready to paint. Based the painted two man Boyes team and now just have to figure out how to detail their base without getting paint etc. on the completed figures.

Also did a bit of triage work on the three Mordheim tiles I currently have in my garage. I need to pick up a tin of matt polyurethane varish to seal the tiles for play. I have half a 4ltr tin of polyurethane from the previous owner but of course it’s gloss.

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