Mordheim Tiles

Mordheim tiles Inked a GG so he’s ready to be finished off this weekend. Need to do some more basing on the GG standard bearer before inking him. Drybrushed another Mordheim tile, definitely need to buy some matt polyurenthane this weekend and seal a couple of these tiles.

The tiles are 1’x1′ and that’s a Grave Guard musician in the shot for scale. Damn, there’s some pretty obvious highlighting mismatching going on there. Bit more painting to correct that before I seal them I think. Should construct some more tiles because they’re pretty easy to put together once I’ve cast the pieces. Some planning might be in order though so they look nice once they’re laid out on the table.

Hmmm, I’m also a little behind schedule judging from the postings in early Feb! I definitely have too many projects running simultaneously at this point. Must get together a to-do list and start finishing things.

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