+1 Grave Guard. VC Border Patrol is 94% complete. Also made some slight progress on various gravestones etc. which will be used for ‘Invocation of Nehek’ raised Skeleton markers.

VC Progress

Picked up some polyurethane satin spray from Hammer Hardware in the weekend and finished and sealed those three Mordheim tiles. Inspired to throw together another three tiles which will cover 2’x3′.

Picked up some more Flames of War blisters from Historic Games, an 8th Army 25 pdr, two Quad gun tractors and another two Universal Carriers. Used several texture stamps to lift backpacks and canvas roll from the back of the Stuart ‘Honey’ as well as pack details from infantry. Used them to apply some extra stowage to the carriers. Judging from historic photos both carriers and tanks were completely covered in stowage…but that might be a bit excessive for a gaming miniature. Here’s the Universal Carriers, it’s a little hard to see but the extra stowage has been applied to sides (and front track guards on the first carrier) with green stuff. Just to give you some idea of the 15mm scale, you can see the painted 28mm Grave Guard lurking in the top left corner next to some gravestones.

Universal Carriers thumbnail

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