Priming FOW

Primed and Tamiya spray based another Universal Carrier, the Stuart ‘Honey’ tank, the second Quad gun tractor and the 25pdr artillery piece. Primed 2 UC crews and the 25pdr artillery crew. Cut down a spare infantry officer to place in the Recon command UC. Still trying to figure out how to detail the infantry bases – so I’m busy painting vehicles as they don’t require bases. Did notice a large pot of gib stopping skim plaster in the garage left behind from the last owner so might crack that open and see if it’ll do. Also picked up another UC blister which completes the UC’s I need for the recon UC unit and artillery observer team and a MkII Humber armored car for UC support. Must paint up the UC crews so I can finish these vehicles.

Played a game of Mordheim with Griff and Brent last night. Griff walked away with the game although not technically winning. He’s a bloody cunning bugger when it comes to placing terrain. I played Rieklanders who as usual (being humans) did dismally. I swear the non-human warbands definitely have an edge and archer fire is almost totally a waste of time in Mordheim. I’m sick of playing Orcs and Brent’s just started Undead, so maybe I should paint up some Skaven.

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