Digital Camera

Messing around with the digital camera last night. Here’s an experimental snap of some FOW vehicles in progress. Still wondering how the devil to base that 25pdr gun. White balance is a bit off in this photo as it was taken under a table lamp without a flash – the vehicles aren’t really that pinkish. Also wondering what I’m going to use to make that Stuart ‘Honey’ a radio aerial. Apparently black nylon scrubbing brush bristles are the thing to use.

FOW vehicles

The photo also shows the new cutting matt I picked up from Gordon Harris in the weekend. White primed 5 Zombies and 5 Ghouls to paint for WHFB as well as the FOW Humber Mk II armored car. Checked those 40k Cadians that were painted with the French ink and they still look pretty good. So might keep using that ink for them. Possibly because the ink wash is applied over a brown toned base the fading is less noticeable?

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