Desiccated Rat Corpse

Assembled the new Stuart ‘Honey’ with a turned out tank commander. I’ll make this one the command tank for the armored support team. Went together very nicely…much better fit than the older model. Need to apply some stowage though. Started assembling second Humber Mk II armored car as well. Once the two AC’s are painted and the 5 Universal Carriers are finished I’ll have a couple of recce units done.

Started painting a couple of WHFB Zombies as well. Still experimenting with rotted flesh schemes.

Spend most of the night stuffing pink batts into the ceiling again. Found an extremely desiccated rat corpse up there as well. Vis-a-vis his metabolic processes had ceased to be. Probably explains the dodgy smell we had a couple of months ago that we thought was coming from the floorboards.

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