Cadian HQ Box

Picked up a Cadian HQ command boxed set from TradeMe for $20 over the weekend. Not bad considering these 6 metal figures usually retail for $55. I’m really only interested in the Cadian commander figure (that guy in the middle with the sword) but I’m sure I can find some use for the other guys. Pity the standard bearer is so explicitly Cadian. Wonder how hard it would be to file off some of the details?

Got totally dicked by Brent’s Khorne Chaos nutters over the weekend in Griff’s WHFB campaign. Back to the drawing board for me I suspect. Looks like I’ll have to horde up on Zombies and maybe add a few more Grave Guard to try and counter those damned Chosen Chaos Warriors.

Picked up some nickel-chrome wire in the weekend as well. Attempting to construct myself a hot-wire cutter.

Not a lot of time for modelling recently. Painting the living room ceiling at the moment. Looking forward to finishing it so I can start painting walls and stop ruining my back and neck.

Crikey this is a nice use of Hirst Arts molds.

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