Carving Polystyrene

Picked up a couple of 1200mm x 900m x 50mm polystyrene from Plastic Box. Might try borrowing Griff’s General’s Compendium for some inspiration regarding terrain. Spent an hour or so in the garage tonight and carved up a couple of simple hills for WHFB.

Hill 1 Hill 1 Hill 2

Based the large long hill on 3mm MDF with a bit of leeway so I can do some extra rock detailing around the base. Offcuts from the hill will be useful for this. The steel work desk I bought a while back still has a workable socket which is handy for plugging in the hot wire cutter (I disconnected the rest as they were in a block on top of the playable surface). Dug up the textured paint I bought from Resene a while back as well and painted an offcut just to see how it adheres to polystyrene.

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