Painting Coach House

Another goddamn cold kicking my ass. We’ve taken to calling our 11 month old son ‘The Incubator’. Quite frankly I’ve had enough of bloody winter. Anyway yesterday I called in sick yet still managed to get a little modelling done. Fancy that.

Primed both WHFB hills with that Resene textured paint. Should be good enough to seal the polystyrene I hope. Need to match GW’s Scorched Brown to some Resene colour so I can grab some test pots. Their acrylic house paint is ideal for wargame terrain. Might spend a bit of time gravelling the bases and cliff tops this evening before I start painting them.

Painted up the second storey of the Mordheim Coach House that’s been lurking in my garage for months. Just need a bit of detailing and painting on the top storey and it’ll be finished. As it is I’ve been varnishing floors as I go so it’s perfectly playable now.

Coach House

Planned another unit of 20 Zombies and started assembling them for my WHFB VC force. Have just enough Zombie and Human Militia pieces to assemble around 40 Zombies all up I believe. Can’t really say I’m looking forward to painting that lot but they will look good once I finish them in about a year!

I’m quite happy to be toddling through my garage of unassembled/unpainted models at this point. Fortunately I seem to have lost all desire to purchase any new figures.

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