Freebooter Miniatures

Busy most of this weekend, but did manage to pick up some test pots from Resene. ‘Digeredoo’ is a pretty close match to GW’s ‘Scorched Brown’. A little redder perhaps but good enough for me.

Gravelled the larger hill and based it black. Base coated the smaller hill and started painting it. Could almost get away without flock because the textured paint I used to prime the hill makes a lovely dirt texture with a bit of dry brushing.

Painted Hill

Just found some interesting linkage off the Hirst Arts forum to a German miniatures company that makes resin window sets specifically designed to be ‘pushed through’ 5mm foam card. They’re two sided pieces that you presumably glue together. Check out these products. This is the company that also makes some great gargoyles.

I don’t know about the gargoyles, but sculpting and casting something similar to those windows is certainly within my abilities. Hmmm, a future project maybe?

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