Flocking hill

Finally made it to Acorn Models in the weekend and picked up two shakers of Woodland Scenic’s flock. Grabbed ‘light green’ and ‘burnt grass’. The Woodland Scenics flock colours are very natural because they’re used mainly by model rail-roaders. Much more muted than the horrid neon green ‘grass’ that GW favour. Anyway, flocked and varnished both hills so they’re complete.

WHFB Small Hill WHFB Small Hill WHFB Large Hill WHFB Large Hill

Used both hills in a game of WHFB I played against Griff’s Brettonians on Friday night as well. The hills played quite nicely I thought, with Griff’s Palladin Knight standing on the top of one at one point, looking very ummm Brettonian?

However the game was a total disaster for the Vampire Counts and I’m beginning to wonder if they just suck basically. Tried hordes of Zombies and that turned out to be a waste of time, mainly because of their strike last rule. So it seems that both Zombies and Skeletons pretty much stink as core troops. The Grave Guard proved their worthlessness yet again. They can’t withstand a charge by Brettonians (without me purchasing a whole lot more expensive metal figures) so can only really be used as flanking troops, but they’re no good for that either because Infantry are just too slow. The Brettonians control the table and charge whoever they like. Although there was a funny little ‘dance of death’ with a group of 24 Zombies scaring off a bunch of Knights Errant until they finally decided to charge (oh and then wiped out the Zombies in 2 turns). Might paint up the four Fell Bats I own and see if they do any better for flanking units.

Griff reckons I’m just bitching, but considering there’s really very little the VC can do against Brent’s Chaos Warriors that just leaves the Brettonians to fight. So if they’re dicking me it looks like it’s going to be a really fun campaign from here on in.

Also picked up $10 worth of plastic aquarium plants I found at Spotlight while my wife was shopping for quilt backing. Looks like they might be very handy for some Mordheim or WHFB terrain. Maybe a few hedges or shrubs. Griff could probably use them to detail his swamp/jungle terrain.

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