Shrubs and Terror

Threw together my first hedge from plastic fish tank plants last night. Just need to texture and paint the base and it’s done. Think a set of these will do nicely!


On a darker note. It’s terrorist acts like this that have finally made me (a fairly liberal guy with a young family) realise that the only way to deal with these people is to kill or overpower them as quickly as possible while attempting to minimise the effect on their victims. We also have to accept that there will always be casualties in these situations – indeed that seems to be the primary requirement of terrorism. We cannot allow these kinds of acts to be seen to gain any sort of leverage for obvious reasons.

As an aside it also seems that terrorism is an act that requires international media coverage. Would we have as many terrorists if each and every horror they perpetrate wasn’t so eagerly and fully covered by the international media and so vicariously consumed by people like you and me?

Time to switch off the telly and sit back with a good internet connection. At least then have greater control over the media coverage you’re exposed to.

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