Wall Building

Planned a Hirst Arts Fieldstone wallbuilder a little last night. Think I’ll build up 2 x 4″ x 4″ fieldstone walls and mold them. Wonder if a 2″ x 4″ fieldstone wall section would be handy too? Priced up good old Ultrasil and apparently TopMark sell Ultracal as well which is what I’d heard. Petra Ceramics are no longer selling Hydrostone so unfortunately I’ll have to get used to working with another type of plaster. Argh. Latest TopMark prices are:

Ultrasil RTV kits:

550gms $40.80 + gst
1.1kg $76.50 + gst
5kg $314.50 + gst

Ultracal 30

22.5kg $56.10 + gst

I’m sorely tempted to shoot down there next week and blow $96 bucks on a bag of Ultracal and a 550gm Ultrasil kit. These products come from different companies, so why are they both ‘ultra’? Must have unimaginative marketing depts.

Searching the Internet I knew some other Hirst Arts users had created custom fieldstone wall builders. I might have just enough RTV left in the garage to build a single 4″ x 4″ fieldstone wallbuilder on the same pattern as this. Might try putting it together tonight. I should also have a enough Hydrostone left to do a handful of experimental castings… stay tuned Griff!

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