Just shot down the road to TopMark and picked up a 20kg bag of Ultracal 30 which comes in a handy 20L plastic pail. Turns out TopMark also sell Hydrostone but for some reason it’s $10 more for the same amount. Ahem, so I’ll give Ultracal 30 a crack. Also grabbed another 5.5L Ultrasil kit.

Ultracal 30

I must say the people at TopMark were very helpful. Answered all my questions and offered some useful information and advice. I think in the future I’ll just deal directly with them. The only downside is they’re open normal business hours only.

Glued together a master wall and gap filled with Klean Klay. Might mix and pour the fresh Ultrasil tonight. Also threw together two 90deg fieldstone wall pieces and tried molding one of these pieces with the dregs of my old Ultrasil kit. Unfortunately I think the RTV has aged too much and doesn’t appear to be setting. Ah well I’ll give it another 24 hours.

Mental note to self: Best to use RTV and resin products as quickly possible after opening and not rely on products that have been sitting in my garage for a year.

Think if I can get a decent mold of the flat wall piece I’ll also put together another wall section with a arrow slit or two and mold that to make a tower builder mold.

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