City Walls

Well, the new Ultrasil kit did the trick. The mold set pretty quickly overnight and I’ve now got a 4″ x 4″ wall builder. Already made three casts from it and they fit together with a bit of light filing.

Wall builder mold One wall Two walls

So last night I did some planning and cut the 4 MDF bases for wall sections. Will also try making another mold of the wall master which was unfortunately slightly damaged when I pried the original mold off. Ahem…I forgot to use any kind of mold release agent. The first mold is also slightly flawed as it has a few bubbles around the edges – thanks to my wife asking me about something while I was trying to pour the Ultrasil.

Need to make a tower-builder master with a couple of window slits. These towers will be closed so they won’t be playable in Mordheim, but will have a large platform on top for WHFB. Will have to make a doorway or two as well. Possibly build the towers from three tower builder casts plus a custom built side with door.

Realised that to make shrubs I should just build up some gravel detailed bases and then drill and place the aquarium plant cuttings after the fact. Trying to paint around the glued down plants is a pain in the ass.

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