Ultracal vs Hydrostone

Ultracal has similar working properties to Hydrostone. Guess that’s not much of a surprise since they’re both plaster mixed with portland cement. Ultracal seems to have a slightly longer setting time and require a slightly thicker mix but that’s the only discernable difference. You’re supposed to be able to use Ultracal for body casting but it still gets very hot when it sets so I’d be a bit nervous about slathering it on my flesh.

Been casting the wall builder mold happily all weekend and have built 2 feet of Mordheim (or WHFB) city wall (please excuse my boy’s foam play mat in the photos below!).

Mordheim City Wall Mordheim City Wall Mordheim City Wall

The mold is holding up well and will hopefully go the distance for 3 feet of city wall and a gatehouse. I’ve cast enough wall for half of the gatehouse section which I’ll be building next. I want to get 3 feet of wall & gatehouse ready for this weekend. That way we can stretch the pieces across the table and play the Malko ‘siege’ scenario for Griff’s WHFB campaign.

These basic wall sections will be further detailed with the addition of a staircase in the back of each. Also thinking of building a nice moveable balsa fortification or two that I can drop onto the top of the wall for archers etc.

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