My Kingdom for some PVA

Nuts! I ran out of PVA and aliphatic wood glue last night so didn’t manage to make any more progress building city walls. Must pick some up today from the French Art store just underneath the office. I did get some casting done. One more wall builder cast and I have enough pieces to build all four walls. Then it’s onto casting for the towers!

For the towers I plan to make another mold. Possibly a 4″ by 3″ high wall section with an empty ‘window’ in the middle. This window will be used to hold doorways for two sides of each tower and arrow slits for the other two sides. Also wondering how I’m going to go about building the parapets.

Another couple of weeks of casting and glueing and I suspect I’ll have a complete, seigeable fortress. This whole process has been a lot quicker than I expected I must say.

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