Fortress nearing completion

Right, three more casts of the wall builder mold and I have enough sections to build the final wall and four tower bases. I’ve also cast enough of the tower builder mold to build one tower and have started casting for a second tower. I believe in another week I should have finished basic construction of the WHFB fortress/Mordheim city wall.

Then it’s time to kick back and do some detail work like stairways to the ramparts (either plaster or balsa) and extra balsa fortification around the gatehouse and towers and then I’ll have to bust out the paint.

The city wall featured in it’s first Siege game last night as well. Enjoyed by all I believe!

Defend the Gate!

It’s a terrible shame half of those Zombies aren’t even assembled…let alone painted. But you can almost imagine how good this photo would look if everything *was* painted 🙂

I’ve also noticed that my garage is becoming increasingly cluttered with finished terrain. Might have to consider purchasing a second storage cupboard just for the terrain. Mad.

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