Modelling Frenzy

Well, since the family is away and it’s my ‘weekend’ (and the weather is crap) I went on a bit of a modelling frenzy. I’ve cast enough pieces to complete the major parts of the fortress. I’ve built all four walls bar stairways and detailing. I’ve also built all of the basic corner towers (without details). Each tower is contructed from a 4″ high base and a 3″ high ‘top’ and ramparts go on top.

Tower base Tower top

The whole fortress goes together reasonably well. I need to sand the corners off the wall section’s MDF bases in order to be able to fit the whole lot together closely. Here’s a couple of snaps I took this morning after building the first two towers. The tower ramparts are just dry fitted at the moment as they need a bit of sanding down before glueing them on. The second snap shows the doorways that replace the arrow slits in two sides of each tower. Means the towers can’t really be used for a Mordheim city wall because the doors would be in space. I’d really like to make some equilateral triangle towers for Mordheim anyway. So then the city walls wouldn’t have to be placed in a straight line.

Fortress front Tower walls

I’ve also cast enough spare wall builder pieces to make a ‘breached’ wall piece and the foundations of a Vampire’s Tower. Time to retire the wall and tower builder molds to the cardboard box that lives in the garage roof I suspect. They’ve both held up very well considering the abuse I’ve been giving them.

It also occurs to me that with a suitable bit of extra sci-fi scenery (say a dirty great orbital cannon emplacement or a landing pad of some form) the fortress could be used in 40k or City Fight.

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