Made some more progress on the fortress. Built the second stairway so all walls are ready for painting now. Finishing base coating gate house and initial staircase wall. Think I’ll just build simple square ramparts on the second set of towers because I can’t be bothered casting 16 copies of a small piece of the fieldstone bridge mold.

Here’s the paint scheme I’ve been trying out:

Painted Tower Painted Wall

It’s a nice earthy tone imho, almost like baked clay. Will make a nice contrast from the usual dank gray of all my other Mordheim buildings, plus it will blend nicely with the polystyrene hills I recently made.

I’m wondering about detailing though. I want to apply a few washes to indicate water stains and the like, but a brown water stain is probably going to disappear into the brown walls. Greenish water stains would probably work. Might have to do a bit more experimenting on that old wall section I built years ago from cheap stopping plaster.

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