Fortress Progress

Drybrushed first layer onto gate house and second wall last night. Built ramparts for other two towers from simple fieldstone blocks. Means there’s two sets of towers with slightly different ramparts but flat ramparts will probably be easier to build hoardings for anyway. Will spray prime all remaining fortress parts tonight.

Ordered that spider I mentioned below this morning. Wonder how long it’ll take to get here? I figure what’s $30NZ and the exchange rate is the best it’s ever been for quite some time.

Also ordered some wooden window sets and gargoyles from Freebooter Miniatures. It’s a bit more pricey at $50NZ since they’re a German company and I have to pay Euros plus a rather high shipping fee but they’ll be very useful for Mordheim terrain.

Foundry miniatures also do a great line of ‘Cut-throats and Pirates‘, alas I currently have no need for any. Griff, didn’t you think about doing a Pirate warband for Mordheim?

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