Painted Fortress

Finished drybrushing the entire fortress. Now it’s down to detailing. Built three balsa wood trapdoors for the towers and glued them in place ready for painting. Thinking of sculpting a simple little green stuff ‘hinge’ set I can cast in resin for trapdoor detailing. Would be good for balsa doors too.

Painted WHFB Wall Painted WHFB Fortress

We won $757 on Lotto last weekend so I’ve just ordered two more molds (for $100NZ) from Hirst Arts, #210 cobblestone tiles and #240 wood shingle roof mold. The cobblestone tiles will come in very useful for making roads and those Mordheim tiles I started earlier this year. The wood shingle I plan to cast in resin and use for Mordheim and WHFB roof tops.

Might pick up a box of those new Brettonian Knights to night as well to convert to Death Knights for the Vampire Counts. That’s probably enough reckless spending on modelling crap. The rest of my share of the loot will probably go on new shoes…

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