Something Spidery This Way Comes…

The Heresy Miniatures giant spider arrived yesterday via post. That was pretty quick! A week’s turn around from Great Britain. I hope the Freebooter stuff turns up from Germany just as fast. Man I like getting stuff in the letterbox. It’s like every second day is Christmas!

The giant spider is a lovely figure and I played around with it last night in combination with the Brettonian Knights I picked up in the evening. I reckon I can just about squeeze it onto a standard cavalry base, with a few legs sticking out here and there in a suitably spiderish fashion. Grabbed an old seated Lahmian Vampire I got from TradeMe, trimmed her saddle away and applied a bit of rough green stuff so she sits on the beast’s back like this:

Spider Vampire

I need to apply a little more green stuff to create some more flowing material where the saddle used to be. Ideally I’d like to be able to pop her on and off the spider…so I can re-use it as an unmounted Mordheim beastie! Be great for a ‘Hunt the Monster’ multi-player scenario.

Also eyeballed the plastic Brettonian Knights. I reckon with a bit of light conversion they’ll do nicely as Death Knights. First of course the head swaps with Zombie and Skeleton heads for the Knights. Then I think a bit of cutting, drilling and green stuff around the base of the horses’ barding to give it a more ragged, rotten appearance. Then I think I’ll cut away most of the small shield details and cover the damage with texture stamped skulls. Also need to sort out a fairly flat, lightly detailed skull to stamp on the horses’ barding shields.

First however I think I should paint up the unit of 6 Dire Wolves. These guys can be painted damned fast with a little grey drybrushing and detailing around the mouth. Will scrub and prime them tonight. I seem to have a lot of projects on the boil again. Must actually start making some progress rather than spawning new tasks!

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