More Goodies in the Letterbox

Attached legs spider with a lot of pinning. Legs bend quite nicely for posing although I still need to patch various gaps in the joins. Cleaned up green stuff on Lahmian Vampire:

Assembled Spider Vampire

The stuff I ordered from Freebooter miniatures arrived too. Everything is a little smaller than I expected but it’s actually all in 25mm scale. The gargoyles are very nicely sculpted and will look great on a Mordheim building. The window sets will be very handy for the Vampire Counts Tower I intend to build once the Fortress and finish off the Coach House. Just waiting for the Hirst Arts molds to arrive…

Such a nice day today and I was looking after my son in the afternoon while my wife was at work. Wandered down the road and picked up two more sheets of foam card for $15NZ.

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